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Date: Mon May 04 1998 - 13:18:03 EDT

Jack Kilmon wrote:
> wrote:
> > The connections between horoscope, Horus, hORAW, hORIZW, and even ol'
> > Horatio Algiers now seem to show an etymological lineage back into
> > Egyptian times. Sun and stars and staring at them and predicting the
> > seasons [horticulture?] and thus the future. I suspected the Egyptian
> > god Horus, which might very well be an exegetical [to Egyptian
> > religion] name, might very well be the origin of the Greek hOR root.
> > Until such time as new evidence arises, I'm taking that understanding
> > to the bank, thanks to you!
> There are some words that are relics that may go back to
> the palaeolithic. MAMA, AM, MA, etc for "mother" comes to mind
> probably from the sounds of a suckling infant. IRU/HRW for "sight"
> seems to pop up in Basque, Ainu and a number of relic languages.
> That a falcon, known for its acute eyesight would be called HRW
> is understandable. A trajectory through Indo-European is
> a possibility. The Hebrew root is r)h. No coincidence, I'm sure.

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