Re: majority text

Date: Tue May 05 1998 - 14:17:59 EDT

Jim West wrote:

> Well, I dont think you should use an interlinear at all. Just learn greek
> and stay away from such things, you will be far better off in the long haul.

Jim ~

I love your 'Just learn Greek'!!

And I would add to our [apparently] beginning friend, you should be
able to read the GNT in a few years, while in the meantime you can
'read' it ever so slowly as you are learning!! [I sure do!!]

The Concordant Publishing Concern [ I believe]
puts out a 'three in one' Greek text' taken from the Sainai, Vatican
and Alexandrian texts, and written in the original manuscripted
[uncial] style, foe 18 bucks! As beginner, you will still need a
parsed version, [school style], and a good beginner's Lex.

Concordant says that their 'version', with alternate readings inserted
above the line in their text, ends up very close to the receptus text,
but claims that that is just how it happenned to work out. I use the
Zhodiates parallel [KJV, though it comes eith others] as both my Lex
and parser, and have proven myself capable of great error despite the
best of help both from it and from my friends on this list! :-)

The original manuscripted style of the Concordant Text is a great
blessing ~ I treasure mine greatly.

George Blaisdell

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