Re: Simon of Bethany

From: Jack Kilmon (
Date: Tue May 05 1998 - 13:06:03 EDT

Bill Ross wrote:

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> > James Trimm recently did an exegesis on this in the
> >b-Aramaic list. Copying directly from James:
> >
> >And when Yeshua was in Bethany at the house of
> > Simon the leper,
> >
> >As any Bible student knows, lepers were not permitted to live in the
> >city
> >(see Lev. 13:46). Since ancient Hebrew and Aramaic were written without
> >vowels, there was no distinction between the Aramaic words GAR'BA
> >(leper)
> >and GARABA (jar maker or jar merchant). Since in this story a woman
> >pours
> >oil from a jar it is apparant that Simon was a jar merchant or jar maker
> >and not a leper.
> >
> > This is a possibility. Jack.
> Where does Aramaic come in here? Isn't this plain old Textus Receptus koine
> Greek?

    These people were not named by their parents in plain old Textus
ReceptusKoine Greek nor was it their native tongue. . The sources for the
were in Aramaic and there are plenty of examples of Aramaic to Greek
mistranslations in the NT.


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