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James Trimm wrote:

> >
> >BTW: the Law did not require one to stay outside the city once one's
> >leprosy had been cured, so this does not rule out SIMWN hO LAZAROS being
> >an ex-leper potter. (Or even an ex-Pharisee ex-leper potter for all we
> >know!).
> >
> Is there some element in the Greek to suggest he was Simon the EX-leper
> rather than Simon the lepper?

Who's to say there must be an element there? Isn't Elvis still referred to as
"the King"? But he wasn't a royal! And he's dead now (in my opinion anyway -
though the guy at the local 7-Eleven looks....), but he isn't now called "the
EX-King". Maybe Simon was dead at the time of the narrative mentioning his

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