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Date: Wed May 06 1998 - 15:06:00 EDT

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>I don't have BDF, I'm afraid, but my understanding of the etymology of KATA
>is that it primarily relates to "leaning against", hence "according to", as
>in, rising and falling together (I Cor 3:8,10). (So it might read
>"...prophesying according to head holding").

Well and good- but etymology does not always describe how words are USED.
For only one example- the word "gay" etymologically meant happy or carefree-
but I suspect that if you went to a friend and said "i am gay" they might
not take into account the etymology of the word!

>Wouldn't you phrase "hair hanging down from the head" more like the similar

Perhaps. But Paul and Luke are different authors with differing styles.

>Where is the "APO" or "EK" preposition that this begs?

it is not necessary- and is included in the 'kata'

>Where is "TRIKWN" (hair)?

It is understood from the present context. Again, and to all, words have
usage, not meaning.

>Why such an obscure way of saying a simple, literal device?

That's Paul fer ya!!!!

>It doesn't seem that Paul was going out of his way to say something in a
>confusing manner, but that he was simply saying something different.

Not at all. He said it as straightforwardly as the old devil could.



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