Re: John 1:5

Date: Fri May 08 1998 - 09:55:37 EDT

Allison Sanders wrote:
> >These are inferential readings ~ The text simply says the Light IS
> >SHINING [in the darkness] ~ no more, no less. The implications of
> >that statement are best left to the reader and to the text, not to the
> >translator, imo.
> When I started studying Greek I never imagined there would be so many
> opinions on the present tense. I just sort of thought that present would
> always be present. So although I certainly do not have the training to
> either adamantly agree or disagree, I would venture to side with Mr.
> Blaisdell.

Allison Dear ~

You start hanging out with dogs, yer a-gonna be gettin' fleas, and
thet there Blaisdell fellow ain't nuthin but a junkyard DOG, and iff'n
ya side up with what HE says, yer a-gonna git flea bit sho-nuff!! Why
Missie ~ That mongrel even thinks that the koine Greek verbs are clear
in their tense designations!! Y'all be gitten' on home now, HEAR???
This stuff is complicated enough without the likes of that CURRR
a-nippin' at us with his simplemindedness!! Now !!!GIT!!!

           :-) :-D :-)


And the Light in the darkness is shining... And the darkness does not
receive it...

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