Re: John 1:5

Date: Fri May 08 1998 - 11:07:17 EDT

Edgar Foster wrote:

> At issue is the enfleshment of the LOGOS and the way in which his
> "own" responded to him (John 1:10-13). Despite the rejection of
> Messiah, the light continues shining and the darkness **still** "has
> not" (aorist) overtaken it. But even prior to the LOGOS becoming
> Since PANTA DI' AUTOU EGENETO, FWS existed PRIOR to the fleshly
> appearance of the LOGOS. The light is an associative aspect of the
> LOGOS' ministry, yet it also preceded the tenting of the LOGOS with
> humans (John 1:3, 4). Therefore, the "shining" of light is an ongoing
> process. The darkness' inability to "overtake" TO FWS is not ongoing,
> however. It HAS failed to KATELABEN.

Nice work, Edgar, and I would only take issue with what you see is 'at
issue' above. That consideration is not at all at issue because it
has not been contextually introduced yet [at 1:5]. That [theological]
consideration is to be see in the 'light' of 1:5, and not vice-versa,

George Blaisdell

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