Re: towards a grammar of clothing..

From: Steven Cox (
Date: Sat May 09 1998 - 11:24:36 EDT

        Dear Carl in the mountains,
        Whoops, I should have checked in LSJ before quoting BAGD.
        Said TABLA is not an item of clothing at all but as
        you suggest related to Latin Tabula. LSJ gives the
        same quote from Wilcken, dates it ii/iii AD, and says
        "mummy-token" , (which must be a kind of early dog
        tag for identification in the afterlife?) so not
        much relevant to the KATA THS KEFALHS of Plutarch
        and Paul. (Which comedy texts did you have in mind?)

        BTW liked the "circular dictionary" comment on John.
        Have a good break if that's what it is!

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