Re: EUQUS in Mark

From: MikeBzley (
Date: Sat May 09 1998 - 06:36:05 EDT

In a message dated 08/05/98 20:08:17 GMT, Jim wrote in reply to Jonathan:

> Basically, the theory is that Mark was written for Roman folk. With their
> militaristic view of life, orders, and obediences, some suggest that the
> word had special purpose in Mark by demonstrating that Jesus is a great
> leader (as well as other things, obviously) who is INSTANTLY obeyed, and
> does things PURPOSEFULLY- both of which are denoted by "euthus".

Dear Jim, Jonathan and fellow B-Greekers,

Speaking as amilitary man myself, I think Jim has hit the nail firmly on the
head. Mark remains very popular in military Christian circles, and is
commonly used to introduce the Gospel to military people, precisely because
they feel at home with its usage and form.


Mike Beazley,
Bushey, Hertfordshire, UK

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