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Date: Sun May 10 1998 - 09:03:20 EDT

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> The world does NOT need another 'translation' of the Bible ~ It needs
> the BIBLE...

Dear George,

Well said; I agree absolutely. You explained very well the reasons why I
started teaching myself Greek (and am starting to teach myself Hebrew), and
you identified my needs as a now not so new novice very well.

I do believe, however, that I learned faster because I used the UBS 4th
Edition (with dictionary) rather than an interlinear. I have found with the
LXX that if I find a passage difficult I tend to peek at the parallel
translation (I use Brenton) which means I don't bother to parse or construe or
consult my Langenscheidt pocket dictionary or little Kittel as much as I

I find, however, that after 5 years I still read the Greek too slowly to be
able to use my UBS4 in church or at home group without having an English
translation as well. I believe I would find the parallel UBS3/NIV interlinear
published by Zondervan useful in that way, even though I personally don't like
the NIV translation, because it fits in with what most non-B Greekers expect.

I'm not sure, however, that helping everyone to approach the source documents
themselves rather than rely on translations would actually enable anyone to
find a really firm basis for certainty about what the Bible says, otherwise
why would there be so many conflicting views expressed here on the B-Greek NG.
It seems to me that complete certainty is only possible if one dismisses all
uncertainty, no matter how justified it might be. A KJV inerrantist would
agree with your statement, "We don't need another translation of the Bible",
but for very different reasons. He would probably dismiss my desire to get
back to the roots as insecurity caused by lack of faith - he might be right.
But this is straying off list!!! :-)


Mike Beazley,
Bushey, Hertfordshire, UK

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