Re: EIMI with Temporal Clauses

Date: Mon May 11 1998 - 13:29:17 EDT

Williams, Wes wrote:

> Well George, our lively discussion has proven beneficial and
> enriching.

For me too, Wes...

> George, let us move on to another instance of EIMI with a temporal clause,
> John 14:9. When Jesus said to Phillip:
> Am I with you so long a time, or,
> Have I been with you so long a time
> (EIMI translation depends on your translation principles)

[For] So much time with you I am [being]. ~ Literal translation.
> I have two questions for you.
> (1) For how long a time is Jesus with Phillip in the past?

Marvelous question... The EIMI here has a dual focus, one temporal
[Phillip], and one spoken from a possibly non-temporal [originative]
'time' frame. The temporal cannot be denied, and must mean the
historical 'normal' time of their fleshy association, eh? Yet the
verb is EIMI, which suggests that to Jesus, His ongoing present IS
historical to Phillip!! Unless, of course, the EIMI is being used as
an aorist present, for which there is no form. My personal opinion?
~ EK ARCH!!!, but Phillip would not, imvho, be understanding it this
But the reader MAY...
> (2) What do you think about the Greek "Present of Past Action Still in
> Progress" construction? Is there any merit to our understanding it to assist
> an accurate English translation?

I would have to think so... Great care in John, however, is needed,
with it.

George Blaisdell

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