Re: EIMI with Temporal Clauses

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Date: Tue May 12 1998 - 07:46:32 EDT

At 11:55 AM 5/11/98 -0700, wrote:

>The ARCH of 1:1 is what I see
>as the 'overlooked' term in traditional Christian scholarship's
>approach to this gospel, and with their 'non-tensical' understanding
>of the Greek verb structures [in which the focus is on aspect] it is
>no wonder at all WHY this is so. The aorist is the only non-tense
>indicative verb in Greek, and even that is denied generally. Tis

Is there any published grammar that contains your understanding of the
tenses? I have never seen any grammar that says the aorist is the only
non-tense indicative verb. If this is your own theory, is it written up
somewhere with a more complete explanation?

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