Re: Wallace & 1 John 5:20

Date: Mon May 11 1998 - 12:31:57 EDT

Jonathan and Nathan ~

This passage has me thinking, and I have not closely followed your
dialogue, but finally went to it and found:

Yet we are knowing that the Son of God is coming


He has given to us [an] understanding

  In order that we might know the True [God?]


We are in the True

       In the Son of Him

  [from] Jesus [to] Christ

This One is [being]

  The True God A


  Life eternal.

Now I got a bit puzzled by hIHSOU CROSTWi [genetive-dative
construction] ~ Thought it was a typo [wrong] ~ Then thought it might
be an add-on [one text has it omitted ~ the Alexandrian] ~ Then just
had to 'deal' with it!. [The Sainai text has it included.] And as the
outline form above shows, I did so by referencing it back to DIANOIAN,
and am so far taking it to mean that Jesus the man [grew up yonder,
over them thar hills in Nazatreth!!] in Judaic understanding, needed
to be moved in that understanding FROM Jesus as only a man TO Christ
Annointed [Son of God] , which is the understanding HAD by the
recipients of John's letter, but not by Judaism.

And if this is correct, then perhaps the whole of this 'understanding'
is the referent of hOUTOS, and is particularly referenced by hIHSOU
CRISTWi ~ Which might resolve the dillemma, because for the Jews,
there IS ONLY ONE GOD, and this Christ business has them stumbling,
because it introduces ANOTHER God, which is why SONSHIP is so critical
to their understanding of Jesus, in Whom we ARE in the ONE GOD.

I have a feeling that this might be a theologically 'hot issue', but
am not knowledgable enough yet to appreciate it... Am I WAY off


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