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Date: Mon May 11 1998 - 07:42:08 EDT

Karen Pitts wrote;
(snip) It wasn't until I saw things in context that some of
>the glosses made any sense. A funny one is SULLAMBANW, which I learned as
>"seize, conceive", and not until I read Luke 1 did I realize that the
>"conceive" meant "become pregnant" -- I had pictured conceiving an idea.
>And after some reading, I just plain disagreed with several glosses that I had
>memorized. I use Bauer all the time now, and no longer refer to any other
>simpler lexicons.
>I think lists of vocab are useful to introduce a student to the concept of
>structure in the language, but for acquiring the vocab, nothing beats reading,
>reading, reading. To learn vocab, I record all the words I have to look up,
>frequently with notes to related words, but I no longer find the frequency and
>family lists very useful.
Karen is right on target. Vocabulary is much better learned in context. I
begain making vocabulary notebooks when I first went to Seminary and
realized that I would have to be able to read the entire NT. We had "blue
books" for test booklets. I bought them by the dozens and went chapter and
verse. Since then I have gone into the Apostolic Fathers, the LXX,
Josephus, and Thucydides. I have always done English the same way. You
will find in my books in English marginal notes when I came acrose an
English word that I did not know. Was taught early on to look it up.

I, also, think that Bauer is the only way to go. I do let some first
semester students use the little UBS Dictionary, though it does not do
nearly all it promises, especially in analytical help. I also encourage
students to get Louw and Nida early on so as to realize the importance of
semantic domains. I never let them go through the same grammar twice. I
try to open them up to the variableness of any language and the diff.
approaches to Greek.


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