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From: Edward Hobbs (
Date: Tue May 12 1998 - 11:10:09 EDT

Jane Harper asks:

"Can somebody give me a quick and dirty definition of "semantic domain"
and explain what Louw and Nida offer above and beyond BAGD? Also, is
there a book that discusses linguistic principles at a basic level,
especially those pertinent to translation and exegesis?"

Answers to the two questions in the first sentence may be found in the
archives, probably more than once--I know that I myself posted material on
the differences between Bauer and Louw-Nida. The search engine should help
you find them, but if not, someone else on the List may look them up for
you and give you the references. No use re-inventing the wheel regularly,
when we have these wonderful archives Jonathan manages for us.

The question in the second sentence has a clear answer:

        David Alan Black, _Linguistics for Students of New Testament
        Greek_, 2nd edition (Baker Book House), in paperback;
                                        $12 list; $8.95 from CBD.

I wish I had had this book available for my students back in the sixties and
seventies, when I was teaching intensive Greek (six weeks, all day every
day except Sunday) on the basis of T-G grammar; it would have saved me
endless hours of explanation.

Edward Hobbs

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