Re: Accents and Arabic numerals don't mix

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Thu May 14 1998 - 12:39:07 EDT

At 11:11 PM 5/14/98 +0800, Steven Cox wrote:
>I feel like stupid for not knowing this but..
>Is there any font that meets the following criteria:
>(1) Freeware
>(2) Accents
>(3) Arabic Numbers
Yes, the SIL fonts meet all your criteria. One downside: they don't seem to
display with Netscape. The rest of this is a repeat of a message I sent

The Summer Institute of Linguistics has released very attractive fonts as
freeware. These fonts include Greek, Hebrew, and textual apparatus
(adequate for everything found in the UBS apparatus). You can find these
fonts at these locations:




Windows Keyboard Utility

Mac Keyboard Utility

Many thanks to the SIL folks for developing these fonts!

Texcel Research

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