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Date: Sun May 17 1998 - 15:09:56 EDT

Clayton Bartholomew ended his comments with two PS's:

PostScript #1

If J. Gresham Machen were alive and teaching NT Greek today, he would not be
using Machen's grammar published in 1923.

PostScript #2

Does anyone know where Moises Silva is now teaching? In the preface to this
book he says he is leaving Westminster but does not say where he is going.



#1 -- With Carl, I suspect he would, in fact, still be using it. The
book was out-of-date as well as bad in 1923, Out-of-date--the papyri had
no effect on it, nor did the linguistics advances available then. Bad--
it doesn't teach real Greek at all, but how to read mostly made-up English
sentences clumsily re-translated into "Greek."
        It was popular because it was esy to teach, and easy to study from.
When finished, real Greek was still out of reach. (I speak from a history
of contact with those who used this book.) 25c is a bit high for this book.

#2 -- Moises Silva has been teaching for this past year at Gordon Conwell
Seminary here in Massachusetts. He has participated in our NT faculty
discussions, and has my real respect as a scholar. Unlike some who write
about linguistics and Bible-study, he really is knowledgeable about
linguistics. He gave a fine paper on Galatians for us, which professors
from various parts of the theological spectrum were able to discuss quite

Edward Hobbs

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