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Date: Tue May 19 1998 - 21:05:48 EDT

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>Hi Jim! You wrote:
>Is it so hard
>to think that Jesus of Nazareth may have uttered these words? It's far from
>impossible that he did. But, then again, he may not have. It comes down to
>personal interpretation - unless you were actually there. It might be a
little better to
>state that this is *your* conclusion of the evidence,

Hey George!!!!
The need to spell out that this or that is a conlusion is hardly necessary.
I don't really think that I have to qualify every reply with "now, friends,
be sure to remember that this is my opinion, view, studied opinion", or the
like; for every reply everyone makes is their interpretation of the data.
Surely everyone knows this?!

>or a 'general concensus' - not
>*the* conclusion. Or else...where exactly was Golgotha, Jim? How did you
get there?

Nope- but if I were writing a commentary on it I would title it "The Passion
of Jesus" and not "A Passion of Jesus".

>Were you with anyone? What did Jesus actually look like? ;-)

Rather like me!!!!! (Sorry, the David Friedrich Strauss in me came out).

>Best regards as ever!

To you as well, honored sir.

>George Athas


Jim West, ThD
Quartz Hill School of Theology

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