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Date: Mon May 18 1998 - 18:12:50 EDT

Jim West wrote:

> >If
> >it is not, then why do so many pastors today use it?
> Because it sounds good!

Fully aware that what I have to say is beyonds the bounds of B-Greek
(but that it perhaps explains why certain NT texts are bent to fit a
theology derived from other sources, and therefore that it is somewhat
apt), may I add the speculation that, when thinking or preaching on the
atonement, most pastors are under the spell of Anselmian theology (and
tend to filter all atonement language through the categories, devised to
account for why God became man and why a death was "necessary" that
Anselm devised), not realising (or refusing to realise) that Anselm's
theology of the atonement, which presupposes an angry God who needs to
be placated (paid), is hardly NT theology.

Jeffrey Gibson

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