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Date: Tue May 19 1998 - 18:49:55 EDT

Carl W. Conrad wrote:


    But one might question whether John's soteriology is fully in
harmony with a notion
   of paying off a debt as a ransom; the image of Jesus as a Passover
   belongs to John's gospel, and to be sure, the death of Jesus on the
   is salvific, but the question whether JOHN's gospel conceives of that
   as paying a ransom is hard to find evidence WITHIN JOHN'S GOSPEL to
   support, in my opinion. We've got to be careful in responding to this
   as it will be difficult to stay away from hermeneutic assumptions
when what
   we're really after is the precise sense and intent of TETELESTAI in


Dr. Conrad,

Perhaps I should ask this off list because I think this probably goes
beyond the parameters of B-Greek, but I was just wondering; In the
light of what you say above, how do you take hUPER in the ironic
"prophecy" of the high priest at John 11:50-51?



Rev. John M. Moe St. John's Lutheran Church, Rich Valley

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