Re: YALLW thread has run its course

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Tue May 26 1998 - 11:32:55 EDT

At 11:55 AM -0400 5/26/98, Jeffrey B. Gibson wrote:
>Chris A Vlachos wrote:
>> Ben,
>> I enjoyed the information you shared about the organ.
>> Thanks.
>> I noted, however, you mentioned that Greek Orthodox churches have
>> much choral music but "always unaccompanied by organs." Though I am
>> no longer a member of the Orthodox church, the Greek Orthodox churches
>> that I have attended in my home town of Chicago and here in Salt lake
>> City both use organs to accompany their choirs.
>As one who sometimes "pushes the envelop" with regard to the boundaries
>of our forum, I hesitate to ask this: but what does this discussion have
>to do with B-Greek? The above reponse should certainly have been made in
>private, should it not (as should any disagreements with what I say

This is really quite right. The discussion really left the boundaries of
B-Greek once it started talking about the practice of denominations and
sects regarding musical instruments. Let's cut this out.

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