Re: help me with YALLW

From: Ks. Krzysztof Bardski (
Date: Tue May 26 1998 - 09:41:19 EDT

You are rigtht that singing without instruments is an ancient tradition.
So it was in the time of the Fathers of the Church (St. Augustine was
contrary to the introduction of some instruments in the liturgical
singing), the whole monastic tradition and the gregorian songs through the
middle ages were without instruments. Nevertheless I think that useing or
not useing instruments doesn't belong to the "doctrina fidei". Instruments
should be just istruments that are useful in order to carry the message
of the death and resurrection of Christ. If they help to evangelise - they
are useful. If not - don't use them. It's a pragmatic matter without any
doctrinal ground.

Krzysztof Bardski

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