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Date: Wed May 27 1998 - 14:50:35 EDT


Eric Weiss asks:

Did someone recently ask about purchasing the 1997 Hendrickson reprint
Illustrated from the Papyri, etc. (c) 1930 [Retail $39.95 ~ $25.00 from
CBD]? If so, I missed the responses.

Bruce Metzger in his LEXICAL AIDS states that it is "unsurpassed in its
field," but that was in 1969. What is the scholarly view of this book
now in 1998?

(1) It hasn't been replaced by anything.

(2) It offers a very nice selection of examples illustrating the
vernacular usage of terminology found in the GNT.

(3) When using Bauer-in-English, one can always know when there is an entry
in Moulton & Milligan for that word, by the M-M. at the end of the entry.
(This helpful fact is virtually a secret from the user, being revealed
only in the running text of the introduction to the first edition of the
translation from German.)

(4) There is a slightly misleading result of the use of this volume, in
that it does not include evidence from epigraphy; Bauer somewhat makes up
for this lack, but it is too bad. (This is Deissmann's fault, not M&M's.)

If you have $25, for heaven's sake, buy it! (And say a prayer of thanks
for Hendrickson, who are doing quite a few such wonderful things for us.)

Edward Hobbs

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