Re: (longish) Entropy and "semantic domain"

Date: Fri May 29 1998 - 12:30:07 EDT

Rolf Furuli wrote:

> So I suggest that those interested in how linguistics can help the student
> of NT Greek, do not eat everything they are offered, but instead ask
> critical questions.

Well, one of the things I try to do is to first make the opposing view
'right as rain', then look with questions to issues of how it handles
other and broader areas that arise differently. Getting 'back-doored'
by agenda seekers is part of the fun!! And is very illuminating when
my own understanding is obscure and in need of revision. So in terms
of food, I generally end up savoring the flavor, then either adding it
to the pot... or not! My semantic 'compost pile' is as well utilized
as the one for my garden!!

> There are advantages with the etymological model, there
> are more advantages with the semantic domain model, but what we do need is
> a third model built on the principle that words have individual meaning
> apart from a context.

And to illusrate ~ How can there even BE context if the written/verbal
elements that create it themselves have no meaning apart from it? The
weaving of ideas into new contextual meanings is, after all, the whole
point of communication, yes? Even, so it would seem, with those who
merely gossip!! That we are able to communicate at all is one of the
underrated miracles of human history, imho, and makes the sphynx a
mere witness to it! :-)

George Blaisdell

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