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Date: Fri May 29 1998 - 18:22:04 EDT

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>I know this has the potential for a lot of problems, so if someone would just
>respond off list I would appreciate it.

Surely not. Things never become problematic here!!!! :)

>In 1Cor. 13:10 hOTAV DE ELQHi TO TELION
>"...but when the perfect comes, ..." (NAS)
>I know TO TELION is a neuter substantive, "the perfect" or "the complete".

I suggest that perhaps you should consider another possibility: i.e., "mature".

>Since it is in the neuter, must it then refer to a perfect "thing"?

A thing in the sense that "when maturity comes, substandards are done away
with and love itself reign supreme..." etc.

>Rather than a person (ie, Christ), group of people (ie, his church), or a
>concept (ie, love)?

None of the above.

>Any insight would be appreciated. I know that the question of who or what
>this perfect one or thing is has been a matter of debate for some time and
>don't expect an answer here. I just would like to know what the possibilities
>could be or are limited to by the use of the nueter.

I think that the context (!) demands we understand that Paul is here
speaking of love. He is certainly not talking about "the end" or anything
of that kind. When Christian love matures, the bickering and backbiting of
the Corinthians will be done away with, as will their desire for
pre-eminence, etc.

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