Re: John 21:19/21 AKOLOUQEI

From: Carlton Winbery (
Date: Sat May 30 1998 - 04:45:36 EDT

Carl Conrad wrote;

>George, I just checked what Perseus offers for AKOLOUQEI; I found
>pres ind mp 2nd sg
>imperf ind act 3rd sg
>pres imperat act 2nd sg
>imperf ind act 3rd sg
>pres ind act 3rd sg
Perseus listing of AKOLOUQEI as a possible pres ind mp 2nd sg is not
aplicable to the morphology of the NT. I did an extensive search while
working on a Morphlolgy guide (13 years) and could find no certain instance
of the EW verb in the pres ind mp 2nd sg with this ending. The only form
in the NT is -Hi=. The eta with iota subscript and the circumflex accent.
There are no exceptions in the NT.

Concerning the use of AKOLOUQEW in the aorist impv, there are two occurrances,
Mark 14:13 AKOLOUQHSATE AUTWi and the parallel in Luke 22:10 AKOLOUQHSATE
AUTWi. In these instances the disciples are being told to spot a man with
a water pot and follow him in this one instance, hence the aorist. I would
say the uses of the verb with the present impv as an instruction to the
disciples concerning their on-going relation with him has to have the
significance of "continue following him." Obviously we can argue whether
these nuiances are indicated by the context alone or morphology alone. I
would say both.

Also concerning the Perseus listing of AKOLOUQEI as imperf act ind 3rd sg,
it does not occur in the NT without the initial A lengthened to H,

Carlton L. Winbery
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