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From: Jim West (
Date: Sat May 30 1998 - 14:11:30 EDT

At 01:02 PM 5/30/98 -0500, you wrote:
>I am willing to be swayed on this but you'll have to be more specific.
>To assert simply "he is wrong" will not be enough to convince me
>and I hope few others would be convinced by it. Perhaps you could
>specify some examples of why he is wrong or maybe even cite some other
>sources that say "he is wrong." I would ask for a similar defence from
>someone who asserted "Jim is wrong" I promise.

Sorry. He is wrong here because he is talking about attic and applying it
to Koine. This is apples and oranges.

>> Help me here. I know the two are different in certain respects but can
>we cite sources and specific examples to support your statement.

I recall somemthing being posted to the list just in the last week or so
which discussed the differences between attic and koine. I am sorry I do
not have that message- but I suppose someone will have retained it and it
can be checked rather than endlessly repeated.

>Kevin Mullins
>Flroence, AL



Jim West, ThD
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