Re: Mark ch 15, v. 2

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Sun May 31 1998 - 17:42:59 EDT

At 5:28 PM -0400 5/31/98, Edgar Foster wrote:
> wrote:
>> Edgar ~
>> Somehow I must have missed this posting ~ Was it to the list? If not,
>> then by all means invite this guy on board!! Anyone with the moniker
>> HoLogos should find this list of value, and vice-versa!! :-)
>hO originally sent this question to a number of participants on the
>list. While not wanting to violate B-Greek protocol, I did not want to
>send the e-mail to a long list of individuals. Therefore, I rerouted
>the e mail to B-Greek directly. It is a good question.

I got this note this morning myself; I wondered why it wasn't addressed
directly to B-Greek--we don't currently have any mechanism for preventing
people from posting to the list when they're not list-members. But a couple
of my pet-peeves are (1) individuals addressees in a long list--usually
this means spam; (2) senders of messages--especially when the messages are
addressed to real individuals--who identify themselves only by pseudonyms.
This latter DOES INDEED violate B-Greek protocol.

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