Mark 15:2

Date: Mon Jun 01 1998 - 02:58:00 EDT

Dear Mr. Conrad,

Thank-you very much for your response.
You wrote,
<<You have no need to apologize, Edgar. My guess is that the anonymous sender
found our web-site and picked out a number of names from the archives and
addressed the question to all of them. And since he did NOT actually address
his message to the list, he(?) violated no protocol either. Generally when
someone has addressed a question off-list to me and I think
it of interest to the list, I will suggest that he or she send the question to
the list. I didn't mean either to suggest that I consider the message a piece
of spam--but I really don't think it's a good idea to pick out a dozen names
from a list and post a question to all of them--it would make more sense to
post one's question directly to the list.>>

I am not a member of the list, and I didn't know I could send a question to
it. I'll read the instructions again.

Thanks again.


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