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Date: Mon Jun 01 1998 - 06:25:36 EDT

At 10:38 PM -0400 5/31/98, wrote:
>If you have a mailing list that deals with theological issues, utilizing
>Biblical Greek, I would very much be interested in subscribing.

We try (not always with complete success) to deal with the Greek and leave
the theology aside on B-Greek. However, you might want to consult the info
cited in Mark Goodacre's post of two months ago which I have dug out and
append herewith for your information as well as for others who might have
missed it earlier. Let me just add though, that some of these lists will
not look kindly upon your use of a pseudonym or self-concealing e-address
in place of an authentic signature on messages.

cited message:
>From: "Mark Goodacre" <>
>Organization: The University of Birmingham
>Date: Mon, 30 Mar 1998 16:41:48 GMT
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>Subject: E-Lists
>Priority: normal
>Jeffrey Gibson wrote:
>>I suggest, therefore, that we have a brief thread in which the
>>names, subscription info, and basic approach/content of these lists
>>are made available to members of B-Greek. And would it be possible
>>to include something like this in the B-Greek FAQ?
>Carl Conrad responded:
>>Excellent idea, Jeffrey. I'll check into some of this information
>>about the most relevant lists such as Crosstalk, Ioudaios-L,
>>Elenchus-L, Bible, Synoptic-L, etc.
>I have gathered together information on several of these on my
>homepage, with references, where available, to the web archive of
>each list (Synoptic-L, B-Greek, Crosstalk, Ioudaios-L, Acts-L,
>Graphai, TC-List, Religio-L):
>The references here reflect my own interests, so I am sure
>that there are a good number of E-lists not covered there.
>Elenchus does not have a web-page advertising itself, but is
>accessible on Reference.Com at
>I hope that this helps.
>Dr Mark Goodacre
> Dept of Theology, University of Birmingham

Carl W. Conrad
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