RE: What does (feminine) TH refer to in Romans 5:15?

From: Stevens, Charles C (
Date: Wed Jun 03 1998 - 18:12:51 EDT

On 03 June 1998 at 2:05 PM, Carl W. Conrad wrote:

<<I don't read TH TOU ENOS ANQRWPOU in Rom 5:15; rather I read TWi TOU
I think what Bill Ross was referring to is almost at the end of the
verse; the section you cite is nearer the beginning.

Note that, strictly speaking, I don't see TH TOU ENOS ANQRWPOU either,
what I read in both my TR and my NA26 is THi TOU ENOS ANQRWPOU, the
difference being the iota subscript, if that matters.

Is the answer to Bill's question the preceding XARITI? That's how all
the translations I have available to me seem to take it, anyway. Is
this verse controversial in some way?

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