Re: "Semantic Domain" and Translating Synonyms (was: entropy)

Date: Tue Jun 02 1998 - 12:07:16 EDT

Edgar Foster wrote: [heavily snipped]

> The main problem I have with Rolf's model is the one word-one concept
> notion....
> While some commentators like to emphasize the distinctions between...
> two words..... My point is that the CONCEPT ..... is
> not bound by **one word** but can be expressed by two words.

It's hard not to come down on BOTH sides of this fence...

Two English words come to mind... "Idea" and "Concept."

Every idea is a concept, and every concept an idea. So they mean the
same thing and are interchangable, right? Except that they really
don't always interchange that well... At least to our English hearing

Would we be translating well, into some other language, if we lumped
them together into one word in that other language? And if that other
language had, say, four different words available for these two, would
we translate accurately by using them interchangeably according to our
'take' of the context? Or would we better serve our readers if we
take just one word of our available four to translate the word 'idea',
and one other of our now available three to translate the word
'concept', and leave it at that? And what happens when it sounds
strange to our non-English reader's mind?

'Tis thorny! And I appreciate the thread...

George Blaisdell
Roslyn, WA

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