Passing of another renowned NT scholar

From: Edward Hobbs (
Date: Fri Jun 05 1998 - 13:26:52 EDT


With sadness, I convey the message of the death of ALLEN WIKGREN.
He died a few weeks ago near his home in Wisconsin; one of his sons
sent me the obituary.

Allen's name was on the title-page of every Greek New Testament for
decades; being one of the original four editors of the United Bible
Societies' GNT. His name finally disappeared when the 4th edition
(worst of the series!) came out, as he was too old to continue
working on the committee. He was 91 when he died.

Allen Wikgren's death completes the passing on of all my teachers in
Bible and in Jewish & Christian origins: Ralph Marcus (as early as the
1950's), Harold Willoughby, Ernest Cadman Colwell, William Irwin,
Ray Bowman, Paul Schubert, Amos Wilder (my Doktorvater), and now Allen

Edward Hobbs

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