Re: historical present (Luke/Acts/Paul)

From: Steven Cox (
Date: Fri Jun 05 1998 - 08:37:29 EDT

At 11:53 98/06/04 -0700, Dale M. Wheeler wrote:
>I've seen
>examples of the "use of the present" in certain publications (no,
>I won't say which ones, for fear of offending) in which ind disc
>uses are cited to show some really obtuse (ie., invalid) nuance
>for the present tense...which is then inappropriately applied to
>some other passage to prove some equally erroneous point.
>'nuf said...

        I'm not a Gramcord user so I don't know if the distinction
        between present and historical present is marked, but I was
        wondering if you would think ATR's mention of 9 hist.pres
        in Luke and 13 in Acts is overcounting. Maybe that can't
        be answered except by sitting down and reading thru, in
        which case forget it.

        I am also interested to know if anyone knows any definite
        hist.pres (not quotation etc.) in Pauline epistles?
        Warmest rgds

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