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From: Ben Crick (
Date: Sat Jun 06 1998 - 01:29:48 EDT

On Fri 5 Jun 98 (15:40:46), wrote:
> To a degree: it also makes sense if one is using Eudora, Pegasus, or any
> other email program for Win95, Win 3.1, or Mac in so far as I know.
> However, if one is using DOS, or Unix, based programs, then you are quite
> correct, the html tags are problematic. But I would hope that those who
> are using Pine, Elm and the like would read the "mailto:" as an instruction
> and understand it that way. What do others think?

 Personally, I think that HTML should be reserved for the World Wide Web,
 and that plain ASCII text should be reserved for the Email system.

 "Horses for Courses" - HTML for the WWW, ASCII for the Email. I use the
 Email system most, because I can upload and download in a couple of
 minutes of on-line time, then read and answer the messages at my leisure
 before up- and down-loading again. To surf the Web, I need to remain
 on-line for a much longer time, with dire results to my phone bill!

 IMHO the "how to unsubscribe" footer is very useful. Otherwise, idle people
 who NEVER bother read the List FAQ will continue to post to the List their
 pathetic and futile demands to "unsubscribe b-greek".


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