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From: Dale M. Wheeler (
Date: Fri Jun 05 1998 - 12:27:42 EDT

Thu, 4 Jun 1998 22:25:44 -0700 (PDT), Micheal Palmer wrote:
>I need exmaples of verbs which assign a Case other than accusative to their
>object. AKOUW, for example, sometimes assigns genitive. PISTEUW usually
>assigns dative. AKOLOUQEW is often used with a dative.
>Do any of you have a list of verbs which would fit this category? If not,
>do you have a few favorite examples?
>Thanks for any help you can provide.


I have several very long lists of gen and dat objs verbs, but only in
hard copy...I could dig them out and fax them to you...

BTW, to find these you can look in BAGD, they will list the objects of
the verbs as TINOS and TINI when they take gen and dat objects.


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