Re: Hardening of the Categories (Arteries?)

From: Larry Swain (
Date: Sun Jun 07 1998 - 18:36:56 EDT

To add a somewhat different perspective here: I think a large part of the
problem is the way in which K. Greek is taught in seminaries. As caveat
let me say that my knowledge is limited to what I looked into and to
friends who have gone on to various seminaries which include Methodist, AG,
Lutheran,Presbyterian,Baptist, and Roman Catholic. Their and my
experience shows this: Generally NT Greek is taught (in slight contrast to
KGreek) over either an intensive course in summer or a one year course. By
the end of the course students can read NT texts, not necessarily with
ease. But I would contend that in such a situation students of course are
going to use the tools that assist them in "mastering" the vagaries of
Greek in the easiest fashion. Hence, they'll memorize syntactic
definitions and since the vast majority will never take or read large
amounts of the NT or any other Greek literature, these definitions remain
written in stone in the students' minds. And this method of teaching Greek
needs as much reflection and readjustment, if not more, than the
traditional models of the structure and function of the language.

Larry Swain
Academic Computer Specialist
Rocky Mountain College

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