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Date: Mon Jun 08 1998 - 13:45:19 EDT

Thanks Jonathan!

I am heading on vacation this Thursday for a week and a half. You can
proceed as you see fit.


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> Subject: B-Greek on SunSITE
> I have set up the B-Greek list on SunSITE using Lyris as the list
> server
> software. Somehow, I felt a lot of sadness in doing this, since David
> has
> given us such a wonderful list and maintained it well over the years,
> part
> of me hates to step into his shoes, and I hope I can do so without
> messing
> up everything he has accomplished.
> This is the first message on the list - if you receive it, then
> something
> is going right. I also subscribed all of the previous B-Greek staff to
> the
> list and gave you all administrative priveleges for the time being -
> that
> means you can all delete any message that is posted. I'll probably
> limit
> this to a smaller group when we actually go live.
> I would like us to all play with the software and decide what works
> well
> and what should be changed.
> You can access these messages via the web. Go to
> and choose "sunsite hosted" and
> "biblical".
> Full text search is available through this interface.
> In theory, you should also be able to access them via a newsreader at
> news:// It doesn't seem to work for me.
> People can subscribe either through the web interface or by sending
> email
> to bgreek-join@franklin.oit.unc.
> I have set it up so that anybody who is not on staff will have to have
> their first 2 messages approved by a staff member before they can just
> post
> normally. This should prevent spam from being posted, and also prevent
> messages by the totally clueless who haven't even bothered to figure
> out
> what the list is about before they start posting. However, this means
> we
> have to make sure that someone is available to approve new posts by
> checking in twice a day or so. Can we trade off on this?
> I also set it up so that every message tells you how to unsubscribe
> and
> lists the email address under which you are subscribed. Hopefully,
> this
> should reduce the number of "unsubscribe" messages.
> When I set this up, I noticed two unfamiliar email addresses among the
> staff. Who are these people:
> Please let me know whether you are interested in continuing on staff.
> I
> intend to discuss most major decisions with the staff, and will be
> looking
> for ways to improve the list. For instance, should we be considering
> other
> ways to help beginners? Carl has been taking to tutoring people
> offline to
> keep them from clogging up the list. Could we find a few staff members
> who
> have time to tutor one or two people to help them get to the point
> that
> they can contribute intelligently to the list? What other things
> should we
> consider? How can we make sure that B-Greek continues to be welcoming,
> but
> remains interesting to the scholars, who provide the real content and
> keep
> it interesting?
> I'd like to discuss these issues for a few days - partially as a way
> of
> testing the new software. After that, I'll set up the bg-staff account
> here
> and move the messages over (assuming there's a way to move them!).
> Welcome to SunSITE!
> Jonathan
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