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> Regarding Jesus' answer to Pilate's question, "Are you the king of the
> Jews," which answer was, SU LEGEIS, does anyone know of any Greek
> grammar or authority which indicates that this was an affirmative
> answer? I have heard people all my life say that this is some kind of
> Greek idiom making the effect affirmative, but have been unable to
> verify this.

 Since several who responded to this request did so on b-greek, it seemed to
 me that the List might want to see my reply, which was direct to the

 Dear hO LOGOS

 SU LEGEIS is a legal response to a leading question from the prosecution,
 which amounts to a prosecution demand for Jesus to confess or admit the
 charge. Actually it is the Judge hO PILATOS who puts the leading question,
 SU EI hO BASILEUS TWN IOUDAIWN; "Are you the King of the Jews?"

 To this the only "neutral" response is to say "That is what you are alleging;
 that is what you have to prove". SU LEGEIS: "That is what you are saying".
 PERI EMOU; (John 18:34).

 To translate "You said it!" as if agreeing with the charge is to forget the
 Courtroom scenario of the pericope.


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