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Date: Wed Jun 10 1998 - 17:16:15 EDT

At 4:14 PM -0400 6/10/98, <> wrote:
>>From time to time the classics list has been mentioned here. As I am
>to work through Xenophon's Anabasis this summer, I was wondering if someone
>would pass along the address.

For others who may also be interested, here's the response I sent this
morning to one person who asked me off-list:

Well, this is the material direclty from the list's web site at:

What is the CLASSICS list?

CLASSICS@U.WASHINGTON.EDU (Internet address only)

An unmoderated list for discussing ancient Greek and Latin subjects. This
list is open to everyone interested in
Classics, and prospective members are warmly welcomed. The discussions
assume a background in ancient Greek
and/or Latin and postings are expected to remain within the confines of
these subjects. Only list members are
permitted to post or reply to CLASSICS messages, and this list does not
appear on Usenet.

The CLASSICS list is neither run by nor directly affiliated with the
University of Washington Classics

All requests to be added to this list should be sent to with the one-line message:

To unsubscribe, send: UNSUB CLASSICS to

Coordinator: Linda Wright
Email --

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