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Jim West wrote:
> At 05:51 AM 6/10/98 -0400, you wrote:
> >Greetings All:
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> >Can anyone tell me about the Rheims NT? How is it rated as a
> >translation? Thanks.
> >
> I like it. It is very good and very faithful to the latin text (for it is,
> if I recall correctly, a translation of the Vulgate). It appeared first in
> French, and then in English. Of course the draw back is that it is a
> translation of a translation of a translation; i.e.
> greek > latin > french > english
I'm going to risk showing my ignorance here (as well as my laziness in
not getting up from my desk to have a look at, say, the Cambridge
HHistory of the Bible or F.F. Bruce's history of the Bible in English or
Kubo's _So Many Versions_, or ven the IDB -- all of which *should* be
consulted to answer the original question) --- BUT wasn't the Rheims
translated (a) by English Catholic scholars in exile during the
(postElizabethan) Jacobean prohibitions against Catholoicism (b) into
English (not French) for English speaking Catholics in hiding or also in


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