Re: Traveling Greeks (was SB

From: Karen Pitts (
Date: Wed Jun 10 1998 - 04:21:36 EDT

RE>Traveling Greeks (was SBL in Poland) 6/10/98 3:57 PM

I don't do much traveling these days, except from Hopewell, NJ to Sewanee, TN
(near Chattanooga, going through Knoxville on the way), from Hopewell, NJ to
Minneapolis, MN, (going through Chicago) and Hopewell, NJ to Syracuse, NY,
but if anyone is near Trenton or Princeton (about halfway between Philadelphia
and New York City), and can stand talking to someone who is also monitoring
five children, I'd love to talk to some fellow B-Greek enthusiasts.

I myself am making a rare business trip to Salt Lake City in a couple of
weeks. Any B-Greekers in Salt Lake?

Karen Pitts

79 W Broad St.
Hopwell, NJ, 08525

Hopewell Presbyterian Church, Hopewell, NJ, teacher of NT Greek
Sarnoff Corporation, Princeton, NJ, statistician

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