ABOUT 2 Cor 5:17 (Jorge Chiri G.)

From: Jorge Chiri Gutierrez (jchiri@bo.net)
Date: Sun Jun 07 1998 - 07:31:19 EDT

I would want some ideas for this verse:

It is very important to read the words KAINE PTISIS like "new creation"
instead new person or new creature inside. The most popular versions of the
English bibles and in the spanish, enfatize this words en relation to the
person. Concretely, this verse is not for evangelism.

The context is describing about the relation betwen the peoples form the 1
Cor 5: 1-13. The new relarion betwen people en Jesus Crist is now in a new
creation. The correct translation of teh KAINE PTISIS is in the Gal. 6:15.

I would want to say and give more arguments.

Thank's very much. I do not know write Englis very well. Excuse me.

Jorge Chiri Gutierrez
Casiila 556
Tel. 52348
Fax. 52348
Cochabamba - Bolivia.

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