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>Hi again Eric
>Sorry not quite as promised - English only. If it can wait I can
>supply you with the original Greek text in a couple of weeks.
>37 While Seth was speaking to his mother, an angel sounded the
>trumpet and the angels who were lying on their faces stood up
>and cried out with a fearful voice saying, "Blessed be the glory
>of the Lord over his works, he has had mercy on Adam, the work
>of his hands". When the angels had shouted out these things, one
>of the six-winged seraphim came and carried Adam off to the lake
>of Acheron and washed him three times in the presence of God. He
>lay three hours, and so the Lord of all, sitting on his holy
>throne, stretched out his hands and took adam and handed him over
>to the archangel Michael, saying to him, "Take him up into paradise,
>to the third heaven, and leave him there until that great and
>fearful day which I am about to establish for the world." And the
>archangel Michael took Adam and brought him away and left him,
>just as God told him at the pardoning of Adam.
>[Trans M.D.Johnson in Charlesworth OT Pseudepigrapha 1983]

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