Re: Philo Exsecr.

From: Steven Cox (
Date: Sun Jun 14 1998 - 12:46:09 EDT

        First off apologies to list members for repeat posts
        I think the technical problem is solved now (thanks JR)

At 17:32 98/06/14 +0100, Daniel Ria–o wrote:
>Not that I am familiar with it, but, see the entry in the TLG
>De praemiis et poenis + De exsecrationibus, ed. L. Cohn, Philonis
>Alexandrini opera quae supersunt, vol. 5. Berlin: Reimer, 1906
>(repr. De Gruyter, 1962): 336-376.

        Muchas gracias. So it appears to be part of what is normally
        abbreviated in Loeb as "Praem." Armed with this info I found
        the following footnote on p676 of Hendrickson ed. of Yonge's
        Philo after 126 of On Rewards (De praemiis) as follows:

        "Yonge's translation includes a seperate treatise title at
        this point: On Curses. Accordingly his next paragraph begins
        with roman numeral I (=XXI in the Loeb) and Yonge's "treatise"
        concludes with number IX (=XXIV in the Loeb). The publisher
        has elected to follow the Loeb numbering."

        Mystery solved.

        But oddly the numbering system remains the same even when the
        "two" treatises are merged so if under OIKOUROS Bauer lists
        "(cf. Philo, Exsecr. 139)" context is still under Praem.139

        Regards and thanks again

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