LXX 1 Kings 8:11

From: dbielby@juno.com
Date: Fri Jun 12 1998 - 15:24:19 EDT

I've got a question on the meaning of aedunanto (Imperfect Middle
Indicative 3rd Plural from dunamai---the section dealing with Solomon's
dedication of the first temple in 1 Kings 8:11 (English Trans.
Reference). My understanding is that this is a Descriptive Imperfect
indicating there was a continuous (for a period of time) disabling of the
priests to stand up and perform their ministry.

In other words, because the special manifestation of God's glory entered
the room (the glory cloud), they were physically unable to stand up and
do their priestly functions for a period of time.

Two questions: A) Is that a correct interpretation?
B) Is that a correct translation by the LXX translators from Hebrew to

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