From: Rick Strelan (
Date: Tue Jun 16 1998 - 03:09:13 EDT

I am doing some research on the use of the verb ATENIZEIN which occurs 14 x
in the NT (10 in Acts, 2 in Lk, and 2 in 2 Cor 3). In the NT, as elsewhere,
the verb occurs some 90% of the time in participial form (most commonly
aorist) followed by a main verb of seeing or speaking.
Two things: Does anyone know of other verbs like this?
And what are the connotations of such a construction?
It might be helpful to ask for comments on Acts 3:4, for example. What is
the sense of ATENISAS ... EIS AUTON ... EIPEN?

Thanks in advance,

Rick Strelan
University of Queensland

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