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From: Carlton Winbery (
Date: Thu Jun 18 1998 - 03:10:53 EDT

>Carlton Winberry wrote:
>> We should take note of the fact that "the way" is a motif in Mark.
>There is a useful book expounding this in detail -- I would
>recommend it:
>Joel Marcus, _The Way of the Lord: Christological Exegesis of the
>Old Testament in the Gospel of Mark_ (Westminster: John Knox,
>All the best


Somehow, I missed Marcus' book. I must get it to add to the sizeable
library on Mark. The person who first noted the motif of "way" in Mark for
me was Ernst Best in an article in German written in 1956. He later
published a book on discipleship in Mark (1984 I believe) which brought
several motifs in Mark together (Messianic Secret, following, going before,
failure of the disciples, go to Galilee) to focus attention on the teaching
of Jesus in Mark on discipleship.


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