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Not to be pedantic, but I think Prof. W. is describing page proofs.
Galleys come sooner, after a design has been applied but before
anyone has seen to the correctness of line breaks, page breaks, etc.
With some books, the
galleys are where the author first sees and can respond to
changes introduced by the copy editor and the project editor and
to their queries, so a lot can still change at that point. After the
galleys are corrected, the content is presumably close enough to
final that the page breaks can be locked in and other design
elements finalized. So if you ask "when will the book be out"
and receive the answer "we are editing the galleys" I would
translate that roughly as "don't hold your breath."
--Different dialects are spoken at different publishing houses,
however, so a safer translation might be "Maybe we think we
know, but we aren't saying." :-)

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> >Just what does editing the galleys mean?
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> When you write a book-- you send in your finished (?) manuscript to
> the
> editor. He examines, proofs, and sends it back to you for you to look
> over
> once again. Sometime this procedure recurs several times. Finally,
> before
> the book goes to the printer the author reads one final version, the
> "galley". From this corrected galley the book is printed.
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