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<P>I understand that the LXX had revisions until the time of the early Church
Fathers and they modified the translation?</P>

<P>But I don't seem to be aware that there are any researches made concerning
these processes. </P>
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<B>Date: </B>Saturday, June 20, 1998 9:25 PM<BR>
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Kevin Messerschmidt wrote:<BR>
&gt; Does anyone here doubt the authenticity of the LXX, i.e. is it
&gt; accepted to be pre-NT, or is it as some claim 3rd century post-NT or<BR>
&gt; beyond?<BR>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The NT began its development from autographs and
sources beginningin the 40's CE and<BR>
throughout the first century with editing and redactions<BR>
that continued into the third century.&nbsp; The NT works were compositional<BR>
Greek that imbed some translational Greek from Aramaic and/or Hebrew<BR>
source material.<BR>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The LXX began its development in the 3rd century BCE as a
translation of the Hebrew OT.&nbsp; It is, therefore, &quot;pre-NT.&quot;<BR>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The LXX is *Old Testament* but was the OT most preferred
Christians after the 1st century since most Christians were gentiles<BR>
and spoke Greek.&nbsp; When the NT writings were collected and<BR>
collated at about the same time when the codex became popular<BR>
among Christians, they were appended to the LXX of the OT<BR>
and the &quot;Old&quot; and &quot;New&quot; Testament labels came into
use.&nbsp; The<BR>
4th century Codex Alexandrinus is an example.<BR>
&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; The answer to your question, therefore, is the LXX is an<BR>
'authentic&quot; translation of the Hebrew scriptures that predates<BR>
the NT.<BR>
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